Meredith & Brian


The First Date

They say love always happens when you least expect it, well “they” were right!  Meredith and Bryan met six years ago at a summer music festival.  They didn't think anything about their introduction until hours later when they became completely inseparable.  The music may have brought them together, but their love for each other made their hearts sing! 

The Proposal

Their proposal took place at Lake George, on a private dock leading out to the lake.  The spot had become very special to both Meredith and Bryan over the years they dated. As they were appreciating the beautiful moonlight, Bryan slyly made his move.  He got down on one knee and completely surprised Meredith with the big question. The proposal was perfect, just like their love! Meredith and Bryan had their dream wedding in June, at  the Westbury Manor and have been making beautiful music together ever since!