Team Silverfox

We feel the most important part of the Silverfox Experience is our team.  We've assembled a team of bright, creative, caring and responsible people to ensure that you're thrilled with us through the entire process.  Here's a little bit about each of them!




Jessie's job title is Client Coordinator and more than likely she's the first person you will interact with at Silverfox.  Her cheery voice and happy disposition are contagious and she'll have you smiling in no time.  In addition, she helps pair our couples with their photographers, schedules engagement sessions and is there with you to go over every last detail before the wedding. 

A fun fact about Jessie is that she recently visited Nashville and has claimed it her favorite place on Earth.  She's also mentioned on more than one occasion that she wants to move there (we'll see about that).  Oh, and she met her best friend in the whole world here at Silverfox, Felicia (see below).  She makes up 1/3 of "The Nursery" here at Silverfox.  The trio and their young, playful and outspoken nature bring a smile to us all (most of the time) and certainly to our clients.





Courtney is Silverfox's Client Director. She's in communication with brides and grooms from their initial consultation through the post production process...far beyond the "I do's.  The Team at Silverfox strives to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every client, and Courtney is at the heart of making that happen.  In addition, she has the uncanny ability to remember every couple, every wedding and the tiniest of details from those weddings!

Courtney spends her weekends out in the field as a Silverfox photographer. When she's not shooting, she's probably over at her local Crossfit picking up large tires or traveling whenever she can fit it in to her hectic schedule.






Lauren is a Graphic Designer and one of our main photographers here at Silverfox.  Whether she is helping design your save-the-dates, thank you cards or a canvas for your home, Lauren's attention to detail is an important part of your Silverfox Experience.  She can also be found on the weekends at many of the area's top catering halls photographing Silverfox couples.

Lauren and Courtney actually attended high school together, meaning one school district produced two of Silverfox's favorite photographers! Lauren, is also a member of the aforementioned "Nursery".  


Cristian is the General Manager at Silverfox. It's his responsibility to keep everyone on staff in line...a full time job in itself, while overseeing the day-to-day and giving everything the "Silverfox Seal of Approval". He has incredible attention to detail and a sharp eye for composition and overall design aesthetic.

While Cristian means serious business when it comes to typography and color correction, it's usually hard to tell when he's not joking. Besides painting, woodwork, and playing with his alpaca puppets, in his spare time, Cristian enjoys his unique collection of cars.





Peter is an integral part of the Silverfox team. His primary title as Video Manager has him overseeing the video department and terabytes of media from the hundreds of weddings that are shot each year. In addition, Peter oversees the tech department, handles all the ordering of supplies and manages to sneak out to 7-11 each day for our afternoon coffee run. Recently, he has joined the ranks of our photography division by becoming a Silverfox photojournalist.

In his spare time, Peter enjoys landscape and nature photography. He also enjoys a great book and a vigorous hike.  Lastly, Cristian and Peter head up the Silverfox Practical Jokes Division (aka "The SPJD")...meaning we all have come to expect that at any moment...somebody's going to get it good!





Heather wears many hats as a staff member at Silverfox, but her main role is that of Art Director. She is a dedicated photographer, taking on everything from engagement shoots, to weddings, and also makes sure that every image that goes to print is absolutely picture perfect. Recently married herself, Heather enjoys helping couples create a vision that is unique and personal to them.

Heather is just about the sweetest person any of us has ever met and we think you'll feel the same once you meet her!



Silverfox Entertainment


Steven, also known as "Opera Steve," is the Co-Founder and Musical Director of Silverfox Entertainment Group. He is 100% dedicated to the world of event production. Steve completely lights up at the idea of producing all types of events from corporate functions to weddings. He is the man with a plan, the voice of optimism, and the life of the party all wrapped into one. AMEN!

Steven got his start in the business from a very young age, studying at Juilliard and producing events from the age of 18. Before he knew it, he owned multiple entertainment venues all over the Tri-State area. Today, as the Musical Director at Silverfox, Steven spends his time organizing events, MC'ing parties, and making sure every detail adds up to equal the night of everyone's lives.