The SF Academy

The mission of the SF Academy (SFA) is to train and educate aspiring photographers and videographers on the methods and techniques employed by the award-winning team at Silverfox Studios. Through a hands-on apprenticeship, the SFA will train and educate each member of the academy.  Upon completion of all aspects, an apprentice will be certified as a Silverfox Photographer (SFP) and will lead to job placement opportunities within the Silverfox organization.


What will be taught?

The SFA will incorporate both in-field and hands-on experience from actual weddings and events with the Silverfox team. This will include:

-Conduct, appearance and communication

-Equipment management and usage

-Wedding traditions, timelines and styles

-The Silverfox Methodology

-Post-production workflow

-Technical terminology and settings

-A final exam that includes both written and procedural testing that will be given upon the approval of the board. If completed and passed, certification as an SFP. will be issued.


What is the timeline and cost?


The timeline for this certification varies. Factors such as previous experience, training, adaptability, technical prowess, creativity and commitment will influence the speed at which an apprentice moves through the program. What can be said is that by the time an SFP shoots their first event, they will have spent time in training and testing along with      significant in-field experience.


There is no cost. Once a person is accepted into the program, they will be given materials to review/study, an in-studio assignment and be assigned to events on a regular basis. Since the wedding/event business is mostly weekends, a person can expect to commit a sizeable amount of time from their weekends to the training.



Although not a formally accredited college course or program, the time, money and resources we invest in each person is significant. Therefore, we do have requirements that must be met. Aside from a thorough interview process that will be done, the following requirements MUST be met:

-you must be over 21 years old

-you must be ok with working weekends and nights

-you must have reliable transportation

-you must have some formal schooling in photography, video or the communications field (a degree or certificate from a college/technical school will suffice)

-you must have a black suit and comfortable shoes

-you must have a photo or video portfolio that will be submitted and reviewed

-you must have an outgoing personality and good disposition

-you must be punctual and good mannered

-You MUST be committed!


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