The "Instagram Effect"

Who doesn't have an Instagram account or enjoy seeing photos taken from the billion dollar app? Here's the bottom line about this amazing little app: it allows anyone to take a photo with their iPhone or Android phone, add a cool filter (it has 19 as of this writing), change the focus point, borders and then share it with the other 100 million users across the planet.  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, not only has Instagram made "photographers of us all", it's also changed how we process them a "retro" or more "stylized" look.  Some purists will argue this isn't good or that it's getting to be too much of a good thing...but we say snap away!  In any case, here's a gallery of some "Instagram-inspired" images that we've taken recently. Note that we have the originals of each of it's never permanent...but more of an alternate look.  And if you're looking to get better at Instagram or see what they're up to, follow them on their blog.