Respect the Shoes

Shoes. In the excitement of planning a wedding shoes are commonly neglected, and we think that's pretty sad. They may be hidden beneath your gown, but that shouldn't make them an afterthought. Remember that you can make a big statement with a pair of shoes! 

Here are a few things to consider when picking the perfect shoes:

  • Comfort. Take into consideration how much pain you want to put yourself through. If you're an avid heel-lover, go for those stilettos. If you're more of a flats girl, there are plenty of other options.  Maybe consider purchasing two pairs: a pair for the ceremony and a pair for the reception. 
  • Your Gown. Buy your gown first. Make sure your shoes compliment your gown. Whether it's long or short, your shoes will be seen on the big day. Consider dying your shoes to match your gown for a traditional look. You can also wear a bright color to match your floral arrangements or bridal party dresses.
  • Location. Will you be outdoors? On grass? Wedges or clear heel protectors will save your from sinking into the ground. On sand? A sandal may be a better bet than heels.
  • Time. Go shoe shopping in the afternoon or evening. Your feet will swell throughout the day and you want to make sure the shoes fit just right.

This blog post is a tribute to all of the Silverfox brides who made some fearless shoe choices. Plus, a great photographer absolutely cannot pass up a great shoe to photograph. (Read: we really just want to show off these awesome pictures.)