Embrace Social Media at your Wedding!

Whether you're pro selfie stick or not, here are some reasons why you should DEFINITELY be pro social media at your wedding:

1. Be celebrity for the day

All of your friends and family traveled far and wide to celebrate you! Bask in the glow of the attention by being the trending topic among all of them. Kim Kardashian, who?

2. Crowdsource all the photos!

Everyone's going to have their iPhones and iPads out snapping away no matter what. Use their forces for good and give them a hashtag to use in the captions on social media! It's a great idea to place signs with your chosen hashtag around your reception and note it in your ceremony program. Definitely check out some extra tips on how to think up your own or use WeddingWire's hashtag generator.

3. Don't miss a thing

It's likely you'll get distracted by making the rounds to all of your guests (or staring into each other's dreamy eyes), so with social media you'll be able to consult Instagram later for any moment you may have missed. 

4. Ease the anticipation for your professional photos

Getting those #Silverfoxy photos back to you the day after the wedding just isn't in the cards. Staring down social media to relive your big day is nice for the meantime while all your photographer's photos get processed and edited! 

5. It's still possible to use social media without EVERYONE seeing

Keep your photos taken by guests private to you and your guests by using photo crowdsourcing apps like WeddingWire's WedSocial or WedPics. Both utilize hashtags but no one can see the photos uploaded without having your event's special username and password. Now you have every reason to say "I do" to social media on your big day.