The Ultimate Getting Ready Shot-List

Don't even think about letting your wedding day happen without telling your photographer to capture these must-have shots! 

Makeup Application

Don't let Mr. Deville forget to take your close up. We especially love a bird's eye view of the lashes. Tip- start taking photos once most of your makeup is applied and then "pretend" to apply it again. 

Before the Dress

A great opportunity to get photos of your dress is surprisingly right before you put it on. It also gives you a chance to show off any cute "getting ready" clothing you have, like a robe for example. 

The Jewels

You start to feel like a bride when all of the little details come together. Capture that feeling while you put on your earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. Honor a bridesmaid or a family member by having them help you out for the photos. We especially love seeing photographs through mirrors for these details. 

Putting on the Dress

Step inside and have someone special help lace or button you up. Don't forget to get a close-up of the back!

The Shoes

As you're putting them on, but also closeups of them alone.

The Finishing Touches

When you're all dressed up, but wouldn't feel complete without your garter or veil.

Special Moments

Capture the moment you read a love letter from your groom. Don't forget a shot of your reaction!

The Hanger Shot

You know what we mean, it's a classic. 

First Looks

Whether or not you want a first look with your groom, make sure to capture the reactions of your loved ones and bridal party when they first see you as a bride. 

The Final Look

Round up all the girls and get a mirror shot of them admiring your complete bridal look!

Ready to take on the day

A few favorites of the complete bridal look before you head out to say "I do!"