Kids + Weddings = ?

What do you get when you mix kids and weddings? Is the answer to this question what your nightmares are made of? If so, we're here to ease your mind. 

Sometimes it's really easy to take a "just say no" approach to kids all together. It means less outfits to coordinate, less mouths to feed, and probably less stress overall. Plus, Who really needs a tiny, easily distracted human responsible for thousands of dollars worth of jewelry? And who came up with that whole ring bearer tradition, anyway? Men have pockets! BUT what about when your adorable niece looks into your eyes and says "I'll never get to be a flower girl" and you can't help but crack. Get ready for the silver lining: 

Kids are adorable. They are also surprisingly well behaved when all the moving parts of a wedding are in full swing. A tip: Only allow the children of immediate relatives or members of your bridal party to attend. This is an excellent way to cross-check and make sure the children are important to you and not only your guests. This will also make it easy to say no to additional kids if need be. 

If you end up agreeing to have little ones attend your wedding, know that you'll look back at your album with them 20 years later and laugh at how cute they were as you help plan for their own big day. There's something special about that possibility. From our point of view, it's the more the merrier! The photo-ops are endless...