Stay Trendy, Choose the "Color of the Year"

Trend spotting is nearly crucial for brides-to-be. Since the average engagement period is approximately one year, choosing a decor theme and color scheme for the big day takes some strategic thinking. We have a key insight to upcoming trends based on this year's official color of the year!

We've seen trends come and go as classic wedding traditions began to take on modern twists. Consider gowns, for example. Imagine the modest, puffy-sleeved, full-skirted, white gown that swept the nation when Princess Diana set the standard for bridal beauty. Now, picture Kate Middleton on her wedding day. These are drastically different looks. Today's bride is much more likely to take risks with off-colored gowns, like ivory or blush (a feminine and light rosy pink). Silhouettes are more slim, and neck lines are more revealing. The 2015 bride is sexy and confident. The changing tide of gown trends translates directly to the overall wedding aesthetic.

Each year, the global color authority, Pantone, announces the color of the year. This is based on a variety of inputs, like the fashion and entertainment industries, popular travel destinations, upcoming events in the world, etc. But what does this mean for the wedding industry? We're going to be seeing a lot of this color from trendy brides. 


The color of the year for 2015 is a warm reddish-brown that is flavorful and warm, called Marsala.You can read more about the versatility of this color here

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.24.59 PM.png

For brides who want to stay ahead of the curve, choosing a modern color scheme is an excellent way to do so. Trade last year's light pink hues and metallic accents for this year's robust, yet earthy and sophisticated Marsala. Whether you adorn your bridesmaids in this wine-rich tone or incorporate it into your bridal makeup as a lush lipstick or blush, Marsala is sure to please. It will add warmth to table settings and a pop of color to bouquets and paper goods. Do you love this color but don't know what to pair it with? Check out schemes chosen by Pantone below!