Social Media + Weddings

Let's face it- social media is pretty consuming! So consuming, in fact, that now we're seeing it in full swing on everyone's wedding day! These two growing trends below are revolutionizing the way we celebrate weddings!

Wedding hashtags

Now that everyone has a smartphone in hand, it's pretty much a guarantee that there are going to be a ton of pictures posted from behind the scenes as well as during big ticket moments throughout the wedding day. Embrace it! Create an official wedding hashtag so that you can crowd source, or collect all the photos in one place! WeddingWire has a super helpful tool that helps generate one for you! 

Live Streaming

Periscope is a brand new app gaining tons of popularity for it's ability to live stream directly to Twitter! Ask if your photography company can assign a "Periscoper" to capture important moments of your day in real time so loved ones who couldn't make it can tune in. 

Have you incorporated social media into your big day? Are you planning on it? Tell us your thoughts on it in the comments!