Do's & Don'ts of Dressing for Engagement Shoots!

E-shoots can be a fun way to celebrate your engagement and a chance for you to give your family and friends a sneak peek of your relationship’s personality!

Remember: You’ll have these photos for a long time and you’ll be reminiscing on them for many years to come! You may even choose to use them for Save the Dates, your Wedding Invitation or even for Thank You cards after your wedding is over.

First and foremost you want to be COMFORTABLE! What you wear is going to dictate how comfortable you are: in your relationship and in moving around during the shoot!

BE YOURSELF! Get silly, be creative! Don’t wear something you would normally not wear. Your photos will represent YOU! If your fiancé doesn’t like wearing suit jackets, don’t have him throw one on just for the photos! If you both are die-hard sports fans, incorporate it by wearing a jersey for some of the pictures!

Pssst…and if you have an adorable animal, it’s by all means an awesome idea to get them involved too! (We’re suckers for the puppy shots!)

Wear something flattering! If you buy a brand new outfit for your shoot, make sure it fits well and makes you feel confident from all angles!

Wear something you can play in! Again, this is a chance for you to showcase personality! Playful photos are a great idea - but don’t forget to choose a separate outfit to play in… If you’re like these guys, wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little wet in!

Dress for the season! If you’re e-sesh is in the summer, don’t wear a heavy sweater! Dress according to the climate. You wouldn’t wear a bikini to the beach in the winter… right? 

Throw in an accessory or use props! Props make for some insanely cute photos, from chalk boards to signs, accessories can help you feel a little more “styled.”