Tina & Danny

Meet Tina and Danny, a beautiful couple joined in marriage at the lavishly decorated Hindu temple, Shri Trimurti Bhavan. Their ceremony was rich in color, sparkle, and tradition. The bride looked incredible in intricate henna and jewels when she arrived at the temple, while the groom followed, arriving on horseback. Tina and Danny's ceremony was memorable, heartfelt, and such a pleasure to capture with all of the gorgeous details and wonderful people involved.

The following day brought Tina and Danny's reception at the Elite Palace in Woodside, NY. Before heading to the banquet hall, we stopped at a park which overlooked the city skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. This made for a dream-worthy romantic session by the water. We arrived at the Elite Palace to find chandeliers glimmering from above and floral centerpieces dripping with crystals, setting the tone for an elegant affair. Family and friends celebrated and danced the night away in honor of Tina and Danny, whose love took center floor. The best part of the night? Explosive sparklers on the dance floor that shined as Tina and Danny shared a dance together. Check out our favorite moments and details from the day!