#FoxyFeature: From how they met to how he asked

Lauren and Andrew share a love story that is sure to make you believe in fate. It all began when they were freshmen at Half Hollow Hills High School. Andrew told us that when Lauren walked into his first period math class that he was taken back. For him, it was love at first sight, but as the story goes, she was already in a relationship and had no idea of his feelings for her. Lauren told us, "I remember curiously asking him in class one day "why aren't you with anyone?" He replied, "because I'm waiting for you." I thought he was just joking but he wasn't."

Time passed, but Lauren and Andrew were clearly on each other's minds because they became very close friends after high school. "It was then I began to recognize we had such a strong connection together whenever we spoke, Lauren said." Andrew recalled those times and said, "I fell so hard in love and felt compelled for her to be mine and she agreed....after waiting for my dream girl she was finally mine." Once they began their relationship, Lauren described it as the most exciting time of her life. "it was like a flame was ignited in my heart and from that time on he completely stole it," she said.

"After spending two wonderful years together I was ready to spend my future with her," Andrew told us. He had the help of his future mother-in-law and future brother-in-law to set the stage at Argyle Park in Babylon with candles and red rose petals. With a photographer and videographer nearby, Andrew asked his high school crush to marry him.

We're so happy this sweet couple shared their memories and became members of our Silverfox family! From how they met till they say "I do," we're thrilled to be a part of Lauren and Andrew's love story. Here's a little peek into their engagement photo shoot with us.