#FoxyFeature: Alyssa & Joseph

Young love turned to so much more for Alyssa and Joseph. We have the scoop from the bride-to-be on the way they met, how he asked, and their wedding plans! 

SF: How did you meet?

A: "We met 11th grade in high school. We were both in the same friend circle and one day Joe just decided to ask me out on a date. We started dating March 16th 2008, we were at my dance competition and Joe and I had been talking and hanging out so I decided to turn to him and say I think I want you to be my boyfriend. We have been dating ever since then and it is now 7 years later and we are engaged!!"

SF: Tell us about the proposal!

A: "We were in Montauk with a bunch of close friends. I was getting ready for dinner in the hotel and my friends came in the room and said the boys are going to meet us at the restaurant they are still out and about. So as we are walking out of the hotel a limo pulls up and they push me in the limo and say have fun see you later. At this point I am in a limo myself which a cd playing of all our favorite songs that Joe made and I didn't know where we were going. The limo had reached its destination and we were at the Montauk light house. I got out of the limo and there was a note with a rose on a bulletin board and it instructed me to follow the path down to the beach so we can start our future together. As I was walking down to the beach Joe was standing there on blanket that he had made with rose petals all around. It was picture perfect!"

Alyssa is so awesome that she even shared some photos from the proposal with us!

Now we're so anxiously waiting for the wedding day, which is set for November 4, 2016. The reception will be held at the beautiful Flowerfield in St. James. We'll be capturing the day with photography and cinematography. M & V limo, Long Island Sound, and New York Bridal are a few of the couple's other vendors!