Wedding Dress Shopping FAQ: Answers from the Pros

When it comes to wedding gown shopping, there's a lot you need to consider before saying yes to the dress! That's why we turned to the pros in honor of this week's New York International Bridal Week for the juicy answers to the most common burning questions about bridal shopping. VP and Senior Buyer at Bridal Reflections, Cristina DeMarco was our go to source. Here's what she has to say!

SF: How far in advance should I start shopping for my wedding gown?

Cristina: We recommend shopping about 9 months to 1 year before your wedding. Normal delivery is 7-9 months for most designers. Of course there are some situations where a bride will need a gown sooner. Depending on the designer and style a fine salon will be able to get you a gown in time for your wedding.


SF: Do I need an appointment? How far in advance should I make an appointment and how many will I need?

Cristina: Bridal Reflections works by appointment to best service you. Typically, salons can book 2-3 weeks in advance. You certainly want to make arrangements as early as possible. The appointments are normally 1.5 hours. You are making a very important decision, you need the right amount of time to concentrate and focus on the look of your wedding. Finding your special gown is a process that cannot be rushed!


SF: What should I bring with me to my appointment?

Cristina: You should bring whomever is instrumental in making your decision and has your best interest at heart. You can bring photos of dresses you have seen in magazines or onlineA reputable salon will have undergarments readily available for you to try on but if you wish to wear a special bra you can bring that as well.


SF: What is a Trunk Show?

Cristina: A trunk show is a special event in which we feature a particular designer. The bride has a unique opportunity to view and try on wedding dresses from the entire collection being featured. These include dresses straight off the runway before they are available in stores. A trunk show is an event not to be missed! If you purchase a gown from the designer we are featuring at the trunk show you will receive special pricing incentives! Brides can look forward to receiving the best possible price during a trunk show. If you’re wondering if you can try on other designer wedding dresses the answer is yes, you will be able to try on Bridal Reflections full selection of dresses.


SF: Once my gown comes in how many fittings will I need and when should I start them?

Cristina: A bride will typically need anywhere from 1-3 fittings depending on what work she needs done to the dress. In order to ensure the best fit a bride should start her fittings 6-8 weeks before the wedding. If you are itching to get into your dress and it’s not time to start your fittings you can always make an appointment to try on your gown without meeting with a seamstress.


SF: What kind of advice do you give a bride who is just starting out in her search for the perfect gown?
Cristina: It’s important to be open minded. A good 75 percent of brides have one idea about what they want going in, then they enter a full-service salon and work with consultants who are experts in bridal fashion. Often they end up falling in love with something totally different than what they saw themselves in originally. It’s not like buying a ready-to-wear dress: you want to be more glamorous on your wedding day. You want your gown to reflect how you want to present yourself.


SF: What other words of wisdom can you impart for brides-to-be?
Cristina: Brides should be true to themselves, and bring whoever is most instrumental in helping them shop for a gown, whether it’s a mom or a best friend. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the entire bridal party. They need someone they know will be honest with them. A bride needs to feel assured in her decision, and choosing the right dress will make her feel that much more confident on her wedding day.


A special "thank you" to Cristina DeMarco and Annalisa Cice for the collaboration!


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