5 steps when you've #JustSaidYes

Anticipating a proposal? Before all of the toasting and celebrating begins, take note of these best practices for the moment that ring goes over your finger. 

Soak it in

Wipe away your happy tears and take a few deep breaths because, yes that really just happened and it's a BIG DEAL! Spend a moment with your new fiancΓ© and drink it all in. Take in the scenery and remember the feeling.

Snap some pics

Maybe it's because we're social media crazed, but you'll be thrilled when you have pictures true to the moment for looking back on and posting later (emphasis on later). 

Call the VIPs

If it was a private proposal, you need to be considerate. Typically parents should be the first to hear of the happy news. Chances are they'll be anticipating the phone to ring, but that doesn't mean they'll be any less ecstatic for you. Close family members and best friends come next.

Share, Share, Share! 

Now's the time to take Instagram by storm. You can finally share that ring pic you've been fixated on. Whether you share a couple of hours or a couple of days after the initial proposal, the most important thing to remember is that you were as considerate as possible with your VIPs. Now be prepared to everyone to double-tap like crazy.

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