How to Personalize your Wedding Ceremony

Get inspired! From tiny gestures to full on rituals, here are a few ideas on how to make your wedding ceremony your own.

Let your officiant get to know you

Your officiant will be the one to share and affirm your love in front of your guests. Take the time to meet with your chosen officiant and let them get to know you while you get comfortable with them, as well. 

Write your own vows

Some couples enjoy sharing their heartfelt emotions with each other surrounded by the support of their loved ones. Personal anecdotes, promises, and future goals are a few special topics you can include. Check out some more of our own tips for writing your vows. Remember that you can use your officiant as a resource when it comes to drafting the perfect vows.

Pick your own music

Whether or not you can choose your own music may depend on your ceremony venue. If you do have this option, it can be an excellent way to add personality to a traditional ceremony. From the processional to the recessional, your opportunities to play your favorite tunes are many! Here are all of the points in a ceremony where music comes in handy and some more tips about song selections from Silverfox DJs .


The extent to which you can decorate will depend on your ceremony location, but remember that decor is a fantastic avenue to express yourselves. Ceremonial backdrops and arches are just the beginning. Maybe you'll line the aisle in candles for a romantic touch, or balloons for an element of fun.

Have a loved one join in

Some of the most heartfelt ceremonies we've witnessed have included readings or musical performances from loved ones of the couple. If there's someone you would like to honor at your wedding, inviting them to read or speak is an excellent way to do so.

Perform a special ritual

The sand ceremony, knot tying ceremony, log cutting ceremony, hand ceremony, and lighting a unity candle are some of the special rituals our #Silverfoxy couples choose to do as a part of their wedding. Each has it's own unique symbolism and is a compliment to the reciting of vows.

Personalized programs

A breath of personality to your wedding ceremony can come in the form of programs. Design them to reflect the theme and colors of your big day and share information with your guests in a creative way.

Alternative seating

Allowing open seating or rearranging chairs into a unique formation are a couple of ideas. You can really influence the feel of your ceremony with seating arrangements ranging from very intimate to very traditional.