Get to know #Silverfoxy couple Mia and Matthew and their truly *magical* wedding day in this special Harry Potter themed #FoxyFeature!

Wedding Date: 10/15/2016

SF: How did you meet?

Mia: We first met our sophomore year of college. Matt and I had the same group of friends and socialized only in a group. Our friends knew we liked each other but were too afraid to make the first move. When we talked one on one, he was too shy to ask me out and would usually run away or think up an excuse to get away as quickly as possible. After a year of this, my computer broke the first day of our junior year and Matt offered to fix it. Once we got talking more, we were inseparable and been together since!

SF: Tell us about the proposal! 

Mia: We have been dating for 7 years when Matt finally proposed. The day before my birthday, Matt suggested we go for a drive to hike along the Hudson River. Usually, I am not a big hiker but something in me told me to say yes. We drove over to the park and took a leisure hike along the river. When we reached the end and sat down on an outcrop of rocks, Matt held me close and whispered "Will you marry me?" I whispered yes and couldn't be happier.

SF: Who are your wedding day vendors?

Venue: The Vineyards
Florist: Bella Flowers
DJ: Silverfox Entertainment
Wedding Gown: Enzoani from Bridal Reflections
Shoes: Etsy
Accessories: Family Heirlooms

SF: Any other special stories or details?
Mia: The necklace I am wearing on my wedding day is an heirloom and every woman in my family since my great grandmother wore it on her wedding day.

The Silverfox Team: Main Photographer: Michele • Silverfox Djs