Why you actually want a whimsical wedding

Classic, elegant, timeless, rustic... these are all words we hear from #Silverfoxy brides and grooms when they describe their dream wedding. It's our team's job to give 'em photos that reflect that dream. And not to brag, but, we're pretty well known for nailing it :P

Just recently though, we've been clued into the theme that you might be really going for, but can't quite express.... and you guessed it: whimsical.

Candid is the new black (tie). Forget the stuffiness, you want authenticity to shine through. Photos are better when they capture the truth in each moment. You want your wedding to be about you, your love, and your happiness. You want it to be a straight up celebration! And if you agree with all the above, that celebration is gonna be whimsical! It's playful, fanciful, and fun. It's full of laughter and light. It sparkles, smiles, and it cries. It's magical. You want your photos to capture that magic, that whimsy. So when you contact your dream wedding photographer (oh, hello there), let them know you're wedding is going to be whimsical. They'll love it.

Check out some candid moments we love full of whimsical wedspiration!

Please tell us what you think! Are candid photos a MUST on your wedding day? Do you like the idea of a whimsical wedding? Comment below!