#FOXYFEATURE: Stephanie & Alex #JustSaidYes



How looking for love turned into finding forever. We are so genuinely happy for this pair.
Get ready to fall in love, because between their story and engagement photos,
you're in for allllll of the feels.

"Alex and I met on Match.com back in Sept of 2014. Alex wasn't my normal type but his smile was so sincere I figured it can't hurt to meet him. Upon our first meeting/date we both were a bit nervous, but that quickly subsided, because he took my breath away! He said I blew him away too! (lol)."  

"Right from the start we hit it off and were very comfortable with each other. It wasn't long before we started to spend all our free time with each other that we moved in together after five months of dating, along with our dogs Jeff and Bailey. Sharing a home only brought us closer and we knew we wanted to spend our forever together. "

"On December 18, 2015 we were spending our last few hours in St Maarten at Maho beach. I was in the crystal clear water and Alex swam up next to me. I started to say how I wish we could stay a little longer and then Alex asked me what my favorite part of our trip was. I replied how that very moment was my favorite part, being with him, surrounded by beautiful water and sand. I then asked him the same question."

"He began to say how he fell in love with me more on this trip and how he felt like he was the luckiest guy in the world.. that's why he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. At that moment he put his arm around me and I looked down into the clear ocean where I could see Alex holding my engagement ring. As I looked at him wide-eyed he asked "will you marry me?" I was beyond words, I started to cry, and for some reason, I broke into a laughing fit saying "yes," (lol)." 

"We waited to share the news with family and friends until we made it back home. The day after Christmas I went into true Stephanie mode and started planning our wedding."


The Wedding Details

The Big Day: April 28, 2017 • Ceremony: St Philip Neri church • Reception: The Larkfield Manor.

Photography, Video, Entertainment: Silverfox Weddings

THANK YOU, Stephanie & Alex, for sharing your sweet story! We cannot wait for the big day!

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