6 Keys to an AWESOME wedding website

This new fad has us SUPER excited. Wedding websites have taken off as a popular way to streamline planning and showcase all of the info regarding your wedding to the world... or you know, at least everyone who's invited.

The best part about this whole thing is that you don't have to know the first thing about web design or programming. Popular sites like WeddingWireThe Knot, and Squarespace have pre-built templates for couples to make their own. Ready for the actual best part? It's all free. 

So now that that we have your attention, here's a list of the key ingredients of a killer wedding website: 

1. Photos
From the moment you get engaged, your family and friends will become obsessed with you and will ask to see every single photo of your relationship together, ESPECIALLY the proposal pictures. Set up galleries on your website to include everything from the dating days to the engagement photos!

2. Love Story
Share how you met and how you got engaged. It's nice for your friends and family to get to know your relationship because it will make celebrating all the more special.

3. Wedding logistics
Dates, times, locations, and dress code are all key. Basically anything you would put on the invite should also go on a page exclusively for the wedding day. It's a great reference for guests.

4. Accommodations
If you know there will be some guests from out of town, it's always nice to ease their planning woes with some helpful info on directions, transportation options, where to stay and sights to see in the area. If you decide to reserve a block of rooms in a hotel, that info would go here, too!

5. Registry
Put it out there! Your guests will appreciate that buying a gift you'll love is just a click away. Traditional registries are easier than ever to sync up to a website. Plus, there are cool out-of-the-box registry ideas making their way to the mainstream. Blueprint registry, for example, allows you to plan your entire honeymoon down to the detail and have guests chip in to pay for your stay and activities as wedding gifts!

Don't wait to get your guests RSVPs in the mail. Make it easy with an online RSVP form. Imagine a world where your guest list comes together in your inbox. *Pro tip: create a separate email address for your wedding to stay organized! 


Extraneous fun stuff!
Think an online guest book or a form for guests to fill out music requests. Add a countdown clock and your wedding hashtag while you're at it!

After the wedding uploads
Maintain your website as a place to upload favorite wedding photos along with your wedding movie trailer. Write a thank you blog to your guests reminiscing on your big day. 


Creating a wedding website will get you even more excited about your big day (as if that's even possible) while helping you stay organized in the meantime. Go for it and enjoy!