How they met & how he asked: Gina + Sal's #FoxyFeature

It's not hard to fall in love with #Silverfoxy couple, Gina and Sal. Find out just how clearly they are made for each other in this #FoxyFeature. Gina gives us the whole scoop on how they met and how he asked. Spoiler: there's a proposal video in the equation that will give you ALL of the feels. The romantic gestures don't even stop there! We met Gina and Sal back at the location where their love story began for an incredible engagement session. 

SF: How did you meet?

Gina: As I'm sitting at the beach one day with my girlfriend, one of my other friends called me to tell me I had to come to her friend's house because she was having a big sale on all of her clothes from her online boutique. I told her I was in my swimsuit and a cover-up and planned to head home, but she insisted I just stop by. When I got there, everyone was so warm, welcoming and friendly including another couple who I'd never met before, Will and Michelle. After a little while Michelle shouted out, "Oh my God, you'd be perfect for our friend, Sal! Are you single?" Not really looking for a relationship at that moment, I hesitantly answered, "Yes," and added a, “We'll see," afterwards and quickly changed the subject. We all got along so well that we decided to exchange numbers and made a plan to meet up at Pop's in Island Park later on that night. When I got there, Michelle brought me over to the group and introduced me... "Gina, this is Sal. Sal, Gina." And the rest, as they say, is history.

The proposal video Sal made for Gina <3

SF: Tell us about the proposal!

Gina: Most. Romantic. Proposal. Ever. Sal had surprised me on my birthday in December of 2015 with a trip to Antigua for that upcoming February. What a gorgeous place! Little did I know, he was planning to surprise me with a ring! That alone would have made me the happiest girl in the world, but he took it a step further... Over the course of the month before we left, he took daily recordings of all the things he loved about me and made an amazing video to show me before he popped the question... and by that time I had tears of joy streaming down my face.

SF: Who are your wedding day vendors?

Venue: Riviera at Massapequa
Wedding gown: Tara Keely & Jim Hjelm
Photographer: Heather @ Silverfox #BestPhotographerEver
Video: Angelo @ Silverfox
Music/entertainment: Sensational Sounds

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