#FoxyFeature: Robin & Alex at The Inn at NHP

Robin and Alex met in a typical fashion, through mutual friends. However, nothing about the relationship between these two is typical or average. They are SO fun loving and it shines through in every single photo. Robin loves to laugh and the look on Alex's face when he's looking at her is just something else. Take a look at this little sneak peek from their big day and when you get to the bottom, read all about their unforgettable proposal as told by the groom!

The Silverfox Team: Main Photographer: Courtney • Photojournalist: Ted • Video: Walter

Venue - The Inn at New Hyde Park
Florist - Colonial Florist
Wedding Gown - Blossom Bridal, Essence of Australia
Tuxedos - Esquire Tuxedo
Band - Code Bleu

Get to know this #Silverfoxy couple!

The proposal!: As told by the Groom

The day was upon us, and unbeknownst to Robin, it would be one that would last a lifetime. Robin and I were on vacation on St. John, USVI when we decided to go on an excursion to the Virgin Gorda, BVI. As soon as we booked the daytrip, I knew that it would be one we would remember always and forever.

The morning of the trip, as Robin was preparing for a day of boating, hiking through hot springs, snorkeling, and of course eating, I frantically ripped through my luggage to find the pocket I had stashed the engagement ring in. I opened the box to get one final glance at this symbol of our love together, knowing that the next time I saw it, the ring would be sliding onto her finger, where it would reside for the rest of our lives.

As we began the excursion on the small boat, I couldn’t tell you what I saw, or what the Captain of the ship explained to us for over 45 minutes, but I can tell you that the anticipation of this forever moment was the most exhilarating 45 minutes of my life. As the Captain concluded his introductory speech, Robin leaned up against me as I rested against the railing of the ship. I knew instantly that this was the opportunity I had been seeking to change both of our lives forever.

I swiftly reached into my pocket, and as I struggled to recover the ring from its resting place, softly asked Robin, “Couldn’t you do this for the rest of your life?” I didn’t quite hear her response to that question, but regardless, the stage was set for the next one. As I was finally able to hold the ring in my hand while pulling it from my pocket and placing it in between us, at long last I asked “Would you do it for the rest of your life with me?”

After what felt like an eternity of Robin exclaiming questions like “Is this real?!” and “Are you serious?!” she finally said YES and I placed the ring where it was always meant to be.


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