#FoxyFeature Christie and Arthur

- #FoxyFeature Love Story of #SilverFoxy Couple Christie and Arthur -  

SF: How did you meet? 

C&A: Between sitting next to each other in organic chemistry at NYU, hanging out at the commuter's lounge, and eating beef wellingtons, our attraction was undeniable. You know how the story goes...one thing leads to another, survived college and medical school together, and you turn around to see you've been dating each other for 6 years and starting to lose count! 

SF: Tell us about the proposal!

C&A: The bride is an avid photographer herself and the groom decided to incorporate that into his proposal. They had a vacation booked to Las Vegas and he planned a trip to Death Valley. He said he wanted to do a photoshoot in the desert with her all dressed in a chic white dress and  him in a black and white suit. Being that the bride is particular gullible and unsuspecting, she thought nothing of it. With camera on tripod and the automatic timer going off for photos, the groom got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes and there are pictures to prove it! 

SF: Who are your vendors?

Venue - Floral Terrace
Flowers - Flowers by Brian
Photo and Video -  Silverfox Photography
MC and music - Genesis
Wedding Dress - Kitty Chen Couture at RK Bridal

Any other special stories or details?


The groom and the bride practiced for a very long time in order to master their rendition of "A Lovely Night" from the movie "La La Land"
The bride and her father also practiced for a special dance with various moves from Gangnam style to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

SF: Wedding hashtag


#tonofzak #zakton #sovietwedding