#FoxyFeature Stephanie and Scott

#FoxyFeature of the Week: Stephanie and Scott

SF: How did you meet?: 

S&S: Scott and I met Freshman year at college.

SF: Tell us about the proposal!: 

S&S: Scott proposed to me on Thanksgiving day. My brother (who's in the Air Force) was home on leave with my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. My sister-in-law said she really wanted to take pictures of the kids for this year's Christmas cards while they were dressed up for Thanksgiving in front of this picturesque place nearby that overlooks a lake. She said she wanted to go on the way to Thanksgiving dinner so she could have some extra hands to help with the kids and so someone was there to get a family picture of the four of them. When we arrived at the spot near the lake, we started taking pictures for their upcoming Christmas card. As we were all taking pictures (my niece and I at this point were together posing for a picture making crazy faces) my brother told my niece to let just Scott and I take a nice picture together. So, Scott came over to jump in the picture, and the next thing I know he was tapping me on the shoulder, down on one knee (sobbing) holding a ring box in his hand. It was perfect.

SF: Who are your vendors?: 


Florist: Pedestals
Bridal Shop: Wedding Dresser Couture by Vassa
Menswear: Foresto Tuxedo
Photography/Video: SilverFox
Wedding Invitations: Jessica Leigh Paperie

SF: Any other special stories or details?: 


We planned our wedding for July because my brother is in the Air Force and he doesn't deploy around the summer and/or is home from deployments by July in hopes that in doing so he would be able to attend our wedding. February 2017 my brother got orders that he would be deployed within days from our wedding date. He is stationed across the country, and with the stipulations, the United States Air Force has in place, it was evident he was not going to be able to attend. In addition to him not being able to attend, my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew were not going to be able to attend either being that within days from our set wedding date my brother would be deploying for 6 months. We were absolutely devastated - he is my only brother, and he was supposed to be walking me down the aisle. It was too late to change the date, is that the wedding would be in several months. Every time I even thought about the wedding after getting this news I just got so upset at the fact that he and my closest family wouldn't be able to be there to celebrate our biggest day. In June my brother sent me an X-Ray (I thought it was fake it was so disgusting). He was playing basketball with his squadron and when he went to go for the ball, another member of his squadron kicked the ball - dislocating the tip of my brother's index finger clear off from the rest of his finger. The break was so bad, that he needed surgery on his finger. Because of this freak accident, my brother was not medically cleared to deploy (he needed to schedule surgery and complete 6 months of physical therapy) and he, my sister-in-law, nephew were all able to attend the wedding (my niece was the flower girl, my nephew was the ring bearer, and my brother walked me down the aisle - sobbing). Scott and I still talk about it often, and how we couldn't imagine them not being there. Honestly, it was amazing and I'm beyond grateful for that turn of events.