#FoxyFeature: Casey & Dave

Get to know Silverfox Wedding of the Year finalists (#SilverfoxWOTY!) Casey & Dave!
Here's how they met and how he asked as told by Casey herself!!!


Dave and Casey met at a mutual friend's house party in the winter of 2008. It is the classic romantic tale of a early-twenty's guy (Dave) Smirnoff "icing" a girl (Casey) right off her feet. Oh you've never heard of that tale before? Well, unlucky for Dave, Casey wasn't exactly swept off her feet. After that, Dave and Casey's friends groups intertwined and they spent years showing up to mutual events such as beach hang outs, birthday parties and rock shows. Dave tried to ask Casey out casually at Kookabura Coffee (a local hangout for our friends), through text, through calls, and any other place imaginable but she just wasn't feeling it.. Although, her BFF Lauren (soon to be Maid of Honor Lauren) always seemed to mention Dave in conversation and like Dave, would also not give up on her mission to get me to go out with him on "just one date". Flash forward, to a few years later on an "end of the summer" friends day trip to Montauk. Casey convinced her dad to let her borrow his 1996 Chevy conversion van (the Peace Van due to its giant peace sign tire cover) to take a road trip to Montauk. The trip was fun and everyone was exhausted. On the way home everyone fell asleep except for Dave. When Casey was driving on the long dark roads and had to stop to get gas, Dave got out and pumped gas for her. When Casey was confused with directions, Dave helped her find the way home. During the whole 2 and a half hour ride home Dave was the only person who stayed awake and kept her company telling stories and making her feel safe. Finally, Casey saw what Lauren had seen all along and the rest is history.


Dave proposed to Casey on vacation to Curacao (a Caribbean island near Venezuela) in April 2014. Weeks before the trip, Dave was having terrible stomach pains and had seen several doctors who had told him they couldn't find anything wrong with him. Casey insisted that they cancel the trip until he felt better but Dave insisted that they went. After a 3 hour layover in Colombia (those are the only inconvenient tickets we could afford at the time) they made it to their beautiful destination. On night 2 of the trip, Dave told Casey that they were going to have dinner on the beach. They arrived at a beautiful table set for 2 during sunset and the setting could not be more perfect. A few minutes later, Dave asked the waiter to take their picture in front of the sunset. After they posed for a few pictures, Casey went to walk back to the table and as she turned around to look at Dave he was down on one knee holding a ring. The waiter was there to capture the moment of shock and surprise as Casey said "yes" to marry Dave. After that moment, Dave was able to eat his full meal quickly realizing that nerves were the cause of his stomach issues. Although he wasted a lot of doctors time Casey is sure happy he decided to choose her for the rest of his life.

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