Lisa & Jeffrey #JustSaidYes

The newest members of the #Silverfoxy family, Lisa and Jeffery, #JustSaidYes and are very well dressed! These two spent some time with our photographer, Heather, at the Sands Point Preserve and filled Heather in on their story! Check it out:

So tell us, how did you meet?

Lisa: We met accidentally! I saw him outside of a store (my friend that was in the car with me knew him through her boyfriend at the time) and we exchanged numbers. Then we ended up a week later at the same movie theater at the same time!

How did he propose? 

Lisa: He proposed 7 years later at Prime Restaurant in Huntington, on the dock, near the water, at sunset. It was like a dream!!

Well, we're extremely happy that he made your dreams come true and we will get to capture it all!