All about the Bridal Party

     Wedding days are, of course, all about the bride and groom but, we all know that they wouldn't be able to do it alone. A mixture of family and friends, dresses and tux's, and a lot of smiles and you have yourself a bridal party!

     The Bridesmaids are your own personal girl squad. They help with the planning, celebrate your Bachelorette party, get matching shirts so everyone knows that they're with the bride, and of course, would do anything for you to help your big day be full of nothing but love. 

     The Groom has his own group of guys to help him prep for the big day as well. Who else is going to help him have the most talked about Bachelor party, make sure his tux is 100% wedding worthy, and stand by him at the alter while he takes a big step in life? 

     Bridal parties are a big part of your day and they are a big part of the photos too! From the smiles and matching accessories, to the silly faces and fancy cars, our #Silverfoxy Bridal parties are the perfect wedding day inspo!