Our 2017 Wedding Trends are in!


We sat down with Full Throttle Events to talk about what trends to expect in the 2017 wedding season!  



SF: When it comes to common wedding themes, what do you think 2017 will have in store this wedding season? 

Full Throttle: Rustic is huge right now and will probably stay that way for a while! A lot of lace accents and a ton of candles. If you're going for the full on rustic feel, lanterns and tree trunks are a must! Something similar that's popular is what I call "Tea Party-esq", which means a lot of greenery and vines, and florals!

SF: What do you think is gonna be big in the centerpiece department? 

Full Throttle: Big and Tall centerpieces are still in! Again, with the rustic accents by adding candles around it, mason jars, or wooden boxes/tree trunks!  

SF: Are there any unique Ceremony details in store for 2017? 

Full Throttle: One thing that I've been seeing a lot of is the Unity Candle. The Unity Candle is when the bride and the groom each have their own candle sticks, and then together they light one separate candle. One huge thing in 2017 is customization! So, a twist to the unity candle, is having the main candle say the bride and grooms name and wedding date OR having a custom wooden candle box (adding to the rustic vibes) with their names on it! 


SF: Okay, lets talk wedding dresses/accessories! What are we going to see a lot of this year? 

Full Throttle: Lace! Lots of lace, and the classic beading/embroidered details. A lot of brides are going with the long sleeve look as well which we love! For accessories, the wedding vail is still traditionally a must have, but a lot of brides this year are changing into accent pieces for their receptions to add a unique and beautiful twist! 

SF: Down to the yummy part of the day. What's going to be big with cakes? 

Full Throttle: Cupcakes, believe it or not, are replacing wedding cakes! What some couples are doing is having one tier ( top or bottom) as a small cake to do the traditional cake cutting, and then the other tiers have cupcakes! Also, Naked Cakes are huge! These cakes usually have floral or fruity accents to make it ascetically pleasing ( and delicious)! OH! Can't forget the custom cake toppers! 

SF: Party favors are always something people try to make unique to them, what are we anticipating? 

Full Throttle: Edible favors are always a favorite and are probably here to stay. Things like custom Cake-Pops, Donut boxes, and Pop-Corn to give the guests something sweet. We like to use talented local vendors for these yummy treats! Check out Pure Sugar Inc. for all types of cakes/cupcakes/cake-pops and Pop This NY for Gourmet Popcorn baggies! 

SF: Every wedding has a guest book, but we heard that people are opting out of normal books? What are they using instead?

Full Throttle: I recently did a wedding where we had a photo of the couple made into a puzzle. They had each quest write their best wishes and sign the backs, when its all done we put it in a double-sided glass frame for them to keep forever! 

SF: Is there a main color scheme that couples are going with in 2017? 

Full Throttle: Yep! To go with the "tea-party" look, there is going to be a lot of pastels, mainly pink and ivory! 

That's a wrap for our sit down with Full Throttle Events and our top 2017 trends! Make sure to take a look at their website and talk to them about all of your custom wedding planning needs! We cant wait to see it all for ourselves!