Announcing The SF Academy

For many years we've trained our own photographers and cinematographers. It's how we've been able to nurture such a wonderful and committed staff.  But today, we're announcing the start of an "official" academy program...The SF Academy. The mission of the SF Academy (SFA) is to train and educate experienced photographers and cinematographers on the methods and techniques employed by the award-winning team at Silverfox Studios. Through a hands-on apprenticeship, the SFA will train and educate each member of the academy.


So how does this help you, the Silverfox client? For one, it gives you the reassurance that the photographer on your event will have hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of training in the specific style and techniques of the Silverfox Team.  It also means that we can continue to deliver the exceptional experience that you've come to expect from Silverfox for many years to come.  It's kinda like our own farm system (baseball analogy)...we only want Silverfox All Stars on each and every one of your events!