#FoxyFeature Elise and Dean

Meet #Silverfoxy Couple Elise and Dean, and get to know their Love Story! 

SF: How did you meet?: 

E&D: We were in school together from kindergarten through high school but didn't share a class together until we were juniors. We first met during the summer before our sophomore year and began dating in November of that same year.

SF: Tell us about the proposal!: 

E&D: From early on in our relationship Elise and I loved going to the beach to watch the sunset. When it came time to bend the knee, I knew it would be done at that time of day. I was actually supposed to propose to Elise a week prior then I did. The original plan was to propose to her at sunset on a beach in Montauk while on vacation with all of our friends. Her parents and siblings, my parents and sister, and my best man, Mike, were the only ones who knew of the plan so it would've been a surprise to everyone else who was there. Unfortunately, clouds filled the sky during the evening I planned on doing it so I had to resort to my backup plan. I would postpone the engagement 7 days later but this time, every one of our family and friends would know the plan and be invited to watch it in person at the Cedar Beach pier in Mount Sinai, where we've watched the sunset countless times throughout high school, while home from college, and beyond.

The evening started with a dinner at Old Fields of Port Jefferson where I had a very difficult time focusing on the steak or the conversations we were having. My leg would not stop bouncing and my hand was glued to my pocket where Elise's grandmother's engagement ring was hiding. After practically inhaling my steak and flagging down our waitress from across the restaurant for the check, we left for Cedar Beach where all our family and friends were hiding in anticipation.

I set up my GoPro camera on its tripod to capture the action and this time, the clouds wouldn't be an issue. As the sun sank beneath the horizon I turned to Elise and asked the question. She responded with an ecstatic "yes!" and as I stood up to kiss my fiancee, an eruption of cheers sounded from the distance and all our family and friends rushed to the pier to congratulate us. That sunset would prove to be one of the most picturesque we've ever seen.

SF: Who are your vendors?: 


Venue: The Watermill
Transportation: All-Star Limousine
Florist: Beautiful Beginnings (Bethpage Florist)
Wedding Gown: Essense of Australia, Helen’s Private Collection Bridal Center
Menswear: Michael Kors, Helen’s Private Collection Bridal Center
Bridesmaids Dresses: Sorella Vita, North Fork Bridal
Photographers: Silverfox, Courtney, and Jeff
Videographer: Silverfox, Roy
Music: Tommy's Tunes
Stationary: And I Quote
Hair: Style by Tara
Makeup: Chelsea Leigh Beauty

SF: Wedding hashtag: 

E&D: #tohausselandtohold, #cuttingthecarbs