#FoxyFeature Cynthia and Steve

#FoxyFeature Cynthia and Steve

Wedding Date: May 12, 2018


How did you meet?:

Steve's best friend's wife and I were coworkers who later developed a friendship. Through hanging out, I also met her husband who is also Steve's his best friend. One night, a group of friends and I were going out. We went to go pick up his best friend's wife and Steve happened to be over their home as well. Steve's best friend introduced us. From that night on Steve and I were inseparable.


Tell us about the proposal!:

After a long day at work, I came home to a task of packing for our flight the next day. We were heading out to his best friend's wedding. As I was frantically trying to get things together, Steve was being super awkward and following me around the house smiling. I was getting annoyed as he was not helping pack. I go to our bathroom to start packing our toiletries when he comes into the bathroom. He comes in asking me what kind of jewelry I was going to wear. I told him I was not sure. He comes next to me takes the ring box that was sitting in plain view on the bathroom counter and asks if I would wear what's in the box. I froze and stared at him. Before I knew it, he was on one knee with my left hand in his and placing the ring on my finger. The rest of what he said was a blur. I just remember crying and saying "yes!". Needless to say, I did not finish packing until just prior to our flight.


Who are your vendors?:

Photo/Video: Silverfox Weddings
Florist: In Full Bloom
Cake: Denise Makes Cakes
Music: DJ Kidd
Transportation: M & V Limousines
Wedding Gown Designer: Essense of Australia
Bridal Shop: Misora Bridal Boutique (Houston, TX)
Stationary: My Urban Invites (Houston, TX)
Grooms suit: My Tailor Me (Houston, TX)
Jewelry (engagement ring and wedding bands): WhiteFlash (Houston, TX)