#FoxyFeature Kelly and Michael

#FoxyFeature Kelly and Michael

Wedding Date: August 18th, 2018


How did you meet?:

About 5 years ago Mike and I were introduced through two of our best friends. Mike was at a concert with my best friend and he asked her if she had any single friends. This was before people could swipe right on Tinder so she simply showed him a photo of her eight closest friends. As the story goes Mike pointed to me and said "that one, I like her." A few weeks later Mike came into Manhattan in a blizzard on Santacon to meet me at a dive bar. With me in a leopard santa hat and him wearing one with elf ears we connected in the back corner of the room and have been inseparable ever since.


Tell us about the proposal!:

My favorite holiday is Halloween and no one knows that better than Mike. Three days before Halloween we had a day of pumpkin picking planned with my family but decided to stop at the same Gazebo where my sister asked me to be her maid of honor. Mike asked me to take a picture with him and little did I know that picture was actually a video. He got down on one knee and proposed. I was in complete shock (as was my mom who just kept yelling "no way"). The next few days Mike had planned lunches and parties with all of our friends for us to celebrate. It was the best Halloween weekend ever.


Who are your vendors?:

Photographer/video: Silverfox

MAIN Photographer-LAUREN

Venue: The Roxbury Barn & Estate

Transportation: Coxsackie Transit

Florist/planner: Lydia, Catskill Weddings & Flowershop

Wedding gown: the Iris, by Alexandra Grecco - purchased at The Lovely Bride

Mensware: Groom suit: ASOS, groomsmen suits: Mens warehouse

Hair: Glory Addie of Upstate Roots

Music: Joie Giordano

Any other special stories or details?:

Mike had planned to propose to me on stage at our favorite bands concert. We have been following The Revivalists since Mike found them at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2013. Mike took me to their concert as one of our first dates and I was hooked. We then saw them any chance we got and even spoke to them on a few occasions about how incredible their music was. They were just a group of town to earth and incredibly talented guys that truly appreciated the love and support. We attended their concerts at Brooklyn Bowl, on a boat cruise around Manhattan, at smaller venues in Manhattan, we saw them in Central Park and every time we heard them we knew they were on their way to making it big. Their hit song "Wish I Knew You" came out a few months prior to our engagement and we had bought tickets to see them at another Manhattan venue, The Playstation Theater. Mike reached out their tour manager asking him if he could propose to me on stage, seeing as all the concerts were always very small and intimate. The tour manager told him he wished he could but this show was their big moment to go from a New Orleans funk band to rockstars. Mike simply couldn't wait any longer so he proposed to me the following day. We dedicated our first dance to The Revivalists by dancing to their song Soulfight. The Revivalists, Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and everything in between are what helped Mike and I fall in love. The love we both have for music, a sense of community and home, radiating positivity and each other is why I found my soulmate.