Veils Unveiled

It's important to know your veils. A proper veil should compliment both you and your gown. Here are the three things you must consider when it's time to shop!

1. Color

Be sure to have the color of your veil matched to the exact shade of your gown. This tip extends to veil embellishments, as well. The color of your gown should dictate any metals on or around your veil. A pure white gown will look best with silver, platinum, and even pearl. An ivory gown is best paired with gold because it will bring out the warm tint of the fabric. If your gown has embellishments incorporated already, consider a veil without.

2. Thickness

If showing off your back or the back of your gown is a must, you don't have to skip a veil altogether. A veil consisting of only one layer of tulle will still give you that classic bridal look without completely covering your back. 

3. Length

Determining the best length for your veil is a personal preference, though is best chosen to suit your figure. Long and floor-length veils will elongate a petite bride, while elbow length veils will visually cut the body in half. These mid-length veils are best left to a taller frame. Short styles, like a bird cage veil, work for all different body shapes and sizes. Plus, they lend a totally retro feel to your entire bridal look. 

Want to ditch the veil completely?

Consider a headband, clips, flowers, or even a flower crown! Your bridal look is about showing off your personality head to toe!