Silverfox Entertainment Group 

Launched in 2008, our team of DJs, MCs and production crew are ready to deliver an amazing event to you and your guests.  With the all the latest gear ranging from LED uplighting to computer-controlled dance floor lights and much more, our team of professionals will work in perfect harmony with our photography and video teams.  Find out more here.

3 Reasons to choose Silverfox DJs

1) Synchronized Services; there is nothing better than having your photographer, videographer, DJ and MC all on the same page.  Everything goes seamlessly, there is no friction and EVERYTHING gets captured!

2) One Location fits ALL; instead of schlepping around the globe looking at DJs, photographers, videographers, etc. you come to ONE location!  This saves time, money, aggravation and money (did we say that already?!)

3) Family Pricing; you keep it "in the family" and we give you "family pricing"!  If you're going to invest and trust in us, we'll be sure to return the favor by giving you the best price possible when choosing us for all services.

At Silverfox, our goal is to help you have a fabulous event. And a big part of having a great event is having the right team in place to make that happen. The Silverfox Experience brings together many of the services you will need to plan your event under one roof.
— John, Creative Director/Founder